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Thursday 4th August 2016
Old Tauntonians & Romsey A129-8East Tytherley132-4PlateEast Tytherley won by 6 wickets
Tuesday 2nd August 2016
Calmore Sports A99-9Trojans86-2CupTrojans won by 8 wickets (adjusted target)
Tuesday 26th July 2016
East Tytherley128-6Cadnam127-6Premier DivisionEast Tytherley won by 1 run
Old Tauntonians & Romsey A152-2Trojans148-5Premier DivisionOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 8 wickets
Paultons136-7Calmore Sports A96-6Premier DivisionPaultons won by 40 runs
Bramshaw A175-4Redlynch & Hale171-6Division OneBramshaw A won by 6 wickets
Calmore Sports B170-3Mottisfont97-6Division OneCalmore Sports B won by 73 runs
Lyndhurst & Ashurst116-9Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy171-5Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 55 runs
Ampfield & North Baddesley95-3Bramshaw B96-2Division TwoBramshaw B won by 8 wickets
Michelmersh & Timsbury121-6Langley Manor120-5Division TwoMichelmersh & Timsbury won by 4 wickets
Whiteparish92-10Totton & Eling101-9Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 9 runs
Thursday 21st July 2016
Bramshaw B153-9Old Tauntonians & Romsey A169-7PlateOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 16 runs
Tuesday 19th July 2016
Calmore Sports A81-10Cadnam85-5Premier DivisionCadnam won by 5 wickets
Paultons108-7Old Tauntonians & Romsey A132-8Premier DivisionOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 24 runs
Trojans143-4East Tytherley129-7Premier DivisionTrojans won by 14 runs
Bramshaw A121-2Calmore Sports B114-7Division OneBramshaw A won by 8 wickets
Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy170-3Mottisfont119-6Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 51 runs
Redlynch & Hale101-9Lyndhurst & Ashurst95-8Division OneRedlynch & Hale won by 6 runs
Langley Manor166-0Ampfield & North Baddesley83-6Division TwoLangley Manor won by 83 runs
Totton & Eling129-4Bramshaw B131-7Division TwoBramshaw B won by 3 wickets
Whiteparish143-4Michelmersh & Timsbury87-8Division TwoWhiteparish won by 56 runs
Paultons122-7Trojans123-5CupTrojans won by 5 wickets
Monday 18th July 2016
Langley Manor67-9Calmore Sports A171-4CupCalmore Sports A won by 104 runs
Thursday 14th July 2016
Michelmersh & Timsbury94-6East Tytherley137-6PlateEast Tytherley won by 43 runs
Tuesday 12th July 2016
Cadnam171-4Paultons169-5Premier DivisionCadnam won by 6 wickets
Calmore Sports ATrojansPremier DivisionTrojans won by walkover
Old Tauntonians & Romsey A64-2East Tytherley63-9Premier DivisionOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 8 wickets
Lyndhurst & Ashurst108-7Calmore Sports B104-6Division OneLyndhurst & Ashurst won by 3 wickets
MottisfontBramshaw ADivision OneMatch cancelled
Redlynch & Hale116-7Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy117-7Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 1 run
Bramshaw B135-1Whiteparish134-6Division TwoBramshaw B won by 9 wickets
Langley ManorTotton & ElingDivision TwoTotton & Eling won by walkover
Michelmersh & TimsburyAmpfield & North BaddesleyDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Wednesday 6th July 2016
Calmore Sports A38-5Bramshaw A34-10CupCalmore Sports A won by 5 wickets
Tuesday 5th July 2016
Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy111-5Trojans112-1CupTrojans won by 9 wickets
Redlynch & Hale101-7Langley Manor105-2CupLangley Manor won by 8 wickets
Old Tauntonians & Romsey A170-2Mottisfont67-8PlateOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 103 runs
Monday 4th July 2016
Whiteparish112-5Michelmersh & Timsbury113-1PlateMichelmersh & Timsbury won by 9 wickets
Thursday 30th June 2016
Calmore Sports ABramshaw ACupMatch cancelled
Tuesday 28th June 2016
CadnamOld Tauntonians & Romsey APremier DivisionMatch cancelled
East TytherleyCalmore Sports APremier DivisionMatch cancelled
PaultonsTrojansPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Calmore Sports BRedlynch & HaleDivision OneMatch cancelled
Lyndhurst & AshurstMottisfontDivision OneMatch cancelled
Old Tauntonians & Romsey AcademyBramshaw ADivision OneMatch cancelled
Ampfield & North BaddesleyTotton & ElingDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Bramshaw BMichelmersh & TimsburyDivision TwoMatch cancelled
WhiteparishLangley ManorDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Tuesday 21st June 2016
Old Tauntonians & Romsey A117-5Calmore Sports A115-7Premier DivisionOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 5 wickets
PaultonsEast TytherleyPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Trojans125-5Cadnam118-6Premier DivisionTrojans won by 7 runs
Bramshaw A87-10Lyndhurst & Ashurst110-6Division OneLyndhurst & Ashurst won by 23 runs
Calmore Sports B123-4Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy130-7Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 7 runs
Redlynch & Hale66-2Mottisfont65-8Division OneRedlynch & Hale won by 8 wickets
Langley Manor117-8Bramshaw B118-9Division TwoBramshaw B won by 1 wickets
Michelmersh & Timsbury78-9Totton & Eling125-9Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 47 runs
Whiteparish162-6Ampfield & North Baddesley63-7Division TwoWhiteparish won by 99 runs
Tuesday 14th June 2016
Calmore Sports ABramshaw ACupMatch cancelled
Old Tauntonians & Romsey AcademyTrojansCupMatch cancelled
Paultons117-7Cadnam80-6CupPaultons won by 19 runs (adjusted target)
Redlynch & HaleLangley ManorCupMatch cancelled
Ampfield & North Baddesley65-6East Tytherley66-3PlateEast Tytherley won by 7 wickets
Lyndhurst & Ashurst94-7Bramshaw B127-8PlateBramshaw B won by 33 runs
Old Tauntonians & Romsey AMottisfontPlateMatch cancelled
WhiteparishMichelmersh & TimsburyPlateMatch cancelled
Tuesday 7th June 2016
Cadnam115-8East Tytherley116-7Premier DivisionEast Tytherley won by 3 wickets
Calmore Sports A111-7Paultons96-7Premier DivisionCalmore Sports A won by 15 runs
Trojans127-5Old Tauntonians & Romsey A106-8Premier DivisionTrojans won by 21 runs
Mottisfont124-4Calmore Sports B121-5Division OneMottisfont won by 6 wickets
Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy104-5Lyndhurst & Ashurst80-5Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 24 runs
Redlynch & Hale128-7Bramshaw A131-2Division OneBramshaw A won by 8 wickets
Bramshaw B110-0Ampfield & North Baddesley106-7Division TwoBramshaw B won by 10 wickets
Langley Manor121-5Michelmersh & Timsbury91-8Division TwoLangley Manor won by 30 runs
Totton & Eling117-3Whiteparish116-6Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 7 wickets
Thursday 2nd June 2016
Totton & Eling103-7Old Tauntonians & Romsey A150-6PlateOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 47 runs
Tuesday 31st May 2016
CadnamCalmore Sports APremier DivisionMatch cancelled
East TytherleyTrojansPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Old Tauntonians & Romsey APaultonsPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Calmore Sports BBramshaw ADivision OneMatch cancelled
Lyndhurst & AshurstRedlynch & HaleDivision OneMatch cancelled
MottisfontOld Tauntonians & Romsey AcademyDivision OneMatch cancelled
Ampfield & North BaddesleyLangley ManorDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Bramshaw BTotton & ElingDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Michelmersh & TimsburyWhiteparishDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Tuesday 24th May 2016
East Tytherley106-10Bramshaw A125-5CupBramshaw A won by 19 runs
Lyndhurst & Ashurst110-4Redlynch & Hale119-5CupRedlynch & Hale won by 9 runs
Michelmersh & Timsbury90-6Langley Manor103-9CupLangley Manor won by 13 runs
Mottisfont71-9Calmore Sports A75-2CupCalmore Sports A won by 8 wickets
Paultons66-4Old Tauntonians & Romsey A64-8CupPaultons won by 6 wickets
Totton & Eling144-4Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy155-3CupOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 11 runs
Trojans154-5Bramshaw B111-8CupTrojans won by 43 runs
Whiteparish91-9Cadnam95-0CupCadnam won by 10 wickets
Tuesday 17th May 2016
East Tytherley136-6Old Tauntonians & Romsey A139-1Premier DivisionOld Tauntonians & Romsey A won by 8 wickets
Paultons136-4Cadnam138-3Premier DivisionCadnam won by 7 wickets
Trojans89-6Calmore Sports A99-6Premier DivisionCalmore Sports A won by 10 runs
Bramshaw A122-1Mottisfont119-7Division OneBramshaw A won by 9 wickets
Calmore Sports B107-6Lyndhurst & Ashurst111-6Division OneLyndhurst & Ashurst won by 4 runs
Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy155-4Redlynch & Hale127-4Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 28 runs
Ampfield & North Baddesley81-7Michelmersh & Timsbury82-3Division TwoMichelmersh & Timsbury won by 7 wickets
Totton & Eling170-4Langley Manor130-5Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 40 runs
Whiteparish118-7Bramshaw B77-10Division TwoWhiteparish won by 41 runs
Thursday 12th May 2016
Ampfield & North Baddesley85-8Redlynch & Hale138-5CupRedlynch & Hale won by 53 runs
Calmore Sports BTrojansCupTrojans won by walkover
Tuesday 10th May 2016
Calmore Sports AEast TytherleyPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Old Tauntonians & Romsey ACadnamPremier DivisionMatch cancelled
Trojans93-7Paultons94-5Premier DivisionPaultons won by 5 wickets
Bramshaw A247-2Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy90-2Division OneBramshaw A won by 76 runs (adjusted target)
MottisfontLyndhurst & AshurstDivision OneMatch cancelled
Redlynch & Hale146-10Calmore Sports B129-2Division OneRedlynch & Hale won by 17 runs
Langley ManorWhiteparishDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Michelmersh & TimsburyBramshaw BDivision TwoMatch cancelled
Totton & Eling169-3Ampfield & North Baddesley89-9Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 80 runs
Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Cadnam104-6Trojans102-10Premier DivisionCadnam won by 4 wickets
Calmore Sports AOld Tauntonians & Romsey APremier DivisionMatch cancelled
East Tytherley121-6Paultons123-2Premier DivisionPaultons won by 8 wickets
Lyndhurst & Ashurst99-6Bramshaw A103-3Division OneBramshaw A won by 7 wickets
Mottisfont64-9Redlynch & Hale67-3Division OneRedlynch & Hale won by 7 wickets
Old Tauntonians & Romsey Academy83-8Calmore Sports B48-10Division OneOld Tauntonians & Romsey Academy won by 35 runs
Ampfield & North Baddesley95-4Whiteparish94-5Division TwoMatch void due to failure to play full allocation of overs
Bramshaw B122-6Langley Manor121-6Division TwoBramshaw B won by 4 wickets
Totton & Eling157-3Michelmersh & Timsbury108-8Division TwoTotton & Eling won by 49 runs